SAFETY FIRST! Here are a  few rules to remember before you enter the Kid’s Corner area of the website.  While we do everything we can to make sure the Kid’s Corner is a safe place for our young readers and writers, we want you to follow a few simple rules to make sure you stay as safe as possible online: First: Do NOT use photos of yourself for your kid’s corner profile or use a picture of yourelf as your avatar.  Be creative and use something else. Second: Do NOT give out your real name, address, phone number, school, or other personal information online, including your email address. This is really important when you’re involved in a disussion with another user.  Be careful not to reveal personal information. Third: If someone asks you to send a picture or asks you for other personal information, do NOT provide it. Instead, immediately notify you parent(s) and tell them to contact Chuck Warren immediately.  Always let adults handle these situations. 1 2 3 AGREE