Charles Warren, Author Privacy Policy Copyright Charles Warren - All Rights Reserved Site Map Kids Corner Home About Blog Contact HOW I GOT STARTED IN WRITING Most writers I’ve read about started writing when they were children and enjoyed writing throughout their lives. My writing career has been totally different. As a child I enjoyed reading and hearing stories told around campfires, but I didn’t write unless it was a school assignment. I never liked English class, what’s there to like about conjugating verbs and diagramming sentences? I don’t recall much enjoyment from the reading assigned in school. My ninth grade English teacher spent most of our class time ooohing and aaaawing about Elvis Presley (he was a hip-gyrating rock star for you of the younger generations) but she never included him on the tests. Small wonder I didn’t do well in her class. The world of literature opened up to me as a junior in college when I had an outstanding professor of literature whose passion for great writing played over into his teaching skills. In his class, I got it. Still, I had no desire to write. Around the year 2005 an idea for a story came to me and soon I craved to tell the story. Thus was born my desire to write. I have been working hard to learn how to write effectively ever since. My main goal in writing is to entertain—if I am able to make the reader think a bit more deeply about the subject, so much the better. CHUCK’S BIO I am a Florida native—a minority group in the Sunshine State. I lived in Montevideo, Uruguay for three years. While there, a friend of mine pulled two wisdom teeth as his final exam for dental school. He did the pulling with ten of his professors standing in a semi- circle watching. I was in Costa Rica studying Spanish when President Kennedy was killed. They loved him in that little country. I spent many years of my life as a social worker. Some of those years were spent working with street gangs in New York City—an eye-opening experience for a naïve young man from Florida. Although I learned a great deal in that job and New York was an exciting place to live, I missed the colors of Florida—the blue sky, the green trees and grass, flowers of many colors, and white sandy beaches. So, I moved back in Florida. I married a wonderful woman who, it turns out, is also a good editor. Lucky me. Now I’m happy and doing what I love. What more need one say about life? WRITING FOR CHILDREN Why did I decide to start writing for children? Perhaps to express the kid in me: I enjoy a bit of fantasy in a story; the love to let my imagination take a story and run with it—run in wild and crazy directions. My first children’s story is full of fantasy and wild characters in a setting that is different from anything I’ve ever read. What great fun to write that tale. Now I have three beautiful grandchildren who are growing up way too fast. Anyone know how to slow them down? They love stories and I love to tell stories. What a perfect match!